1. Gather all your wedding "details" and have them on hand for when I arrive.

I will shoot detail shots as soon as I arrive, and I ask for them to be ready for me when I get there. Below are bride and groom specific detail lists!

Bride details:

• the dress

• the rings with box (bride’s, groom’s, and engagement ring)



• invitation suite (you can address the envelope to the venue)

• earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry

• perfumes

• shoes

• any other special detail items

Groom details:

• the suit

• watch

• cuff links

• tie / bow tie

• colognes

• shoes

• any other special detail items

2. Make sure your flowers are delivered in time for portraits.

Your flowers will need to be ready as early as your first portraits - so usually, at least a few hours before the ceremony start time. It is also a good idea to communicate with your florist to have any floral decor at the ceremony site installed at least 1/2 an hour before guests are set to begin arriving. The ceremony site should be vendor free at this time for photos.

3. Consider having an "unplugged" ceremony setting.

Avoid receiving pictures of your ceremony where everyone is watching you get married through the screen of their phone - AND so Uncle Bob (bless him) doesn’t photo bomb your first kiss shot by trying to get an iphone pic in the middle of the aisle!

4. Tell your friends & family the game plan.

For group photos, I recommend telling everyone involved (usually family members and bridal parties) that they need to be ready to go about 10 mins EARLIER than we actually plan to start. This will ensure we don’t get behind and no one is flustered for their photos.

HACK #1: Have someone on standby (perhaps a Maid of Honor, Best Man, or sibling) who knows everyone and can wrangle the group if (well, WHEN) necessary.

HACK #2: Have your officiant make an announcement before the end of the ceremony to remind people where to be if your family photos are taking place following the ceremony.

5. Keep the dressing rooms neat and tidy

Have a designated “clean up” person for each getting ready room, both bride & groom. You’ll thank me later when there isn't trash, piles of clothes, or other distracting elements in your photos! 

6. Give yourself a buffer for hair and makeup time.

If you run behind on your wedding day, this is almost always why (other than that one groomsman who is always missing for some reason). Give yourself some time to breathe and enjoy these moments as they happen. Also, it is smart to have the bride get her hair and makeup done first - just in case things get behind, she will definitely be ready in time for portraits.