Hi, I'm Georgia!

About me:

I am an artist, photographer, and dancer. Since childhood, I have developed and nurtured an enormous appreciation for visual arts, primarily through dance and photography. After attaining my BA in digital media art and dance from The University of Alabama, I relocated to Gulf Shores, Alabama and began my professional career in 2019. Currently, I wander across the southeast photographing people, with my home bases being Gulf Shores, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Prattville.

Artist Statement:

What I love most about my two chosen forms of expression is what distinguishes them from one another - photography's permanence and dance's transience. The dichotomy that exists between these two art forms satisfies my interest in both immortalizing moments as well as abandoning them entirely.

My excitement for human forms drives both my photographic and dance works. My background as a dancer and choreographer has given me experience arranging my subjects in a way that is both flattering and comfortable for them, as well as creating an original arrangement that tells their story. As your photographer, I would take great care and honor in immortalizing and recording your life as it is right now, as it may never be again.


1. I'm an Enneagram 4.

And I WILL cry at your wedding. Being a four just means I'm really in touch with my emotions, and I love the things about myself that make me unique!

3. Doughnuts are my love language.

I used to live next door to a Krispy Kreme. Since I was getting doughnuts so often, I started an instagram account completely dedicated to doughnut reviews. I don't keep up with it as much as I used to, but I still try to get a new doughnut in every city I visit.

2. I'm a grandma at heart.

I love staying home, baking, and antique shopping. I'm usually wandering the aisles of the nearest antique mall on the hunt for a floral still life, some jadeite, or other vintage glass. I don't have the crochet thing down yet, but I can't wait to learn how so I can make hats, socks, and blankets for all my loved ones!